Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, They Applauded!

We had problems getting the LCD projector, document camera, and laptop all communicating together, but my trusty tech partner worked on it and I went on with the faculty presentation. I was able to affirm their efforts, get a few laughs, and answer their questions. I even got rather enthusiastic applause! My partner followed up getting them excited about blogs and wikis! We are on our way! On to another district-wide in service at the GRB tomorrow! We have to board a bus at the school before sunup! (well not quite before sunup!)


doug0077 said...

Hi Myska,

It was a pleasure meeting you in person in Houston yesterday. I DO apologize for not leaving a comment on your blog (without reminder!)

Myska blog is in my rss aggregator and I look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck with new school year.

You need any help spending all those new library funds, let me know and you can send some our way here in Minnesota.

All the best,


myska said...

WOW! That was fast! Thanks! Would love to help you out, but my hands are tied! I was directing all my faculty today to your Blue Skunk blog!