Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thing #9 Useful library-Related Blogs & News Feeds

I have spent most of today exploring these links and searching for blogs. I fell repeatedly into the "trap" that ensnares researchers everywhere--TMI! There is so much out there, I found myself getting side-tracked by all the interesting posts on the blogs I was scanning. This was frustrating since I wanted to keep going following links! On the other hand, I found really cool stuff I had been wanting to find anyway!
Easiest: google blog search. I did like the way that Syndic8 listed the results. I believe the way you title your blog can really get you a lot of hits--I found myself drawn to those that were creatively titled!
I did not spend much time wiht Topix. Frankly, I just was not excited about news feeds today! But I did find it easy to use with listings in chronological order.
I had the most trouble with Suprglu. It was just confusing to me. I used Technorati to find a number of blogs on my hobby--scrapbooking.
I still have not quite figured out how to use the RSS feed link.
on my tool bar. Maybe someone could help me with that.
One method that I used to locate blogs, was to use the links to similar blogs that I found on many of the blog sites. I need to add a blog roll on my own blog here. I also want to add a page (or a different blog) on my hobby. I need to get faster at all of this, since once school starts again, I won't have all this extra time! C'est la biblioteque!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thing #8: RSS feeds and Readers

Where am I? I have been here all morning searching and adding. I have had a great time. I found the intro video VERY helpful. Although I had a vague idea of what RSS feeds were, I had not been able to get my head around them until now. OMG! This will significantly reduce the amount of time I am taking to search through sites! I have added several blog sites to my Google Reader page and a few news services that will make life ever so much easier! I like having it all in one place!
Being able to keep track of current trends in professional circles will be invaluable. I have already created folders for both professioal and personal postings!
Libraries can set up RSS feeds to keep their patrons apprised of new items in the library and news events that are relevant to them. I can't wait to wow my teachers with the most up-to-date information on the curriculum!

Addendum: A note about flickr! I have created a group in flickr for my family to share photos, videos and family information. I have already had several replies and they are so excited about sharing!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thing 7 Cool tools from Google

I knew Google was powerful and had lots of tools, but I had never taken the time to really explore them. My school has used Google Earth extensively and our students love it! I love maps and geography. I think one of the best things this tool does is show kids how a map really works. Since it is "real" imaging, they "get" it.
I created a calendar. I love being able to access it from anywhere.
I uploaded a power point presentation file to Google docs and will share it with my new library partner so that we can edit it for use with the students when school begins again in the Fall. I am not ready to publish it until we have revised it. I can see students working together online to prepare their presentations.
Google notebook will be an easy way to organize research and save it all together. A long way from the old notecards!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thing #6: Mashups and 3rd Party sites

I had a blast with this one! Such cool toys! Here is my trading card. I actually created several. I think the kids would have a great time with this creating cards on the books they have read, maybe collecting several on a theme!

The magazine cover is one for which I have been looking since Walgreens created one with one of my recent photos! I did this one for my friend and her new puppy. She loved it and can't wait to start playing with it herself!

The motivator will be the perfect way to use the photos I spoke of in an earlier post--catching kids reading in various locations around the school. I was thinking we could use this a a reading campaign in Sept instead of the library card sign up since this was just done before school let out.

As an avid scrapbooker, I was pleased to see the pocket album. I had been considering purchasing "zoom albums" with software, but I believe this will fill the bill at our upcoming reunion. I am going to demand that all the family members get flickr accounts so we can more easily share all our family photos!

Thing #5 Flickr

I had looked at flickr before but had not spent any time with it. I found several photos that sparked ideas in me for "activities" in the library this year.

This picture had me thinking of making displays of kids caught reading around the school. I could make it a project of the library club and would give me an opportunity to teach students how to use flickr or other photo sharing sites as well.

The sculpture had me thinking of collaborating with the art teacher for art that reflects reading--not just "posters", but much more.

I experienced some difficulty uploading the images to blogger--kept getting error messages. I just kept at it and finally the images came through! I am having such fun. Of course, no housework is getting done and I have to prepare a Jeopardy game for the family reunion this weekend, but who needs sleep?

Thing #3

O.K. I get it now! I had fun setting up my Avatar, but I am not quite satisfied with her yet. If I have time after this weekend, I will work on her some more.
I went and looked at some of the other participants blogs and am really impressed at the individuality and creativity of some of you! I have not made any comments yet, but will soon!
Setting up the blog was very easy! Now, I just need to discipline myself to keep it up! I have had blogs before, but getting in the habit of keeping it up is hard. I have a myspace page that I rarely visit, but now that my great nieces and nephews have found it, they are forcing me to use it more often!

Easy or Hard

Play is the easiest habit for me when it comes to technology. I do not mind sitting down and spending literally hours just "trying it on for size"! I get caught up in seeing where this link goes and what sparks my interest and creativity.
I do get frustrated, however, and that is the habit that is hardest for me. I have to stop and REMIND myself that this problem is an opportunity to learn something new or a new way to accomplish a goal.
In short, I found that I already practice most of the habits to some degree. Learning is my vocation (as well as my avocation.) I am excited about this learning experience and look forward to hearing from all of you on the trek with me!