Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where did Summer Go?

I've just realized how long it has been since my last post! What a wild ride. Just over a week after our return, I was on a plane for Seattle to help my best friend finish the pack up of her brother's house and then driving their van back to Texas. It was a hard driving trip, but we did manage to see some gorgeous and varied countryside along the way! The two highlights were Old Faithful in our day at Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains in the National Park in CO. Our adventure was not being able to get the car out of gear upon leaving Yellowstone. We managed to "fix" it by using the tire gauge to poke down in the hole beside the shift handle each time we wanted to get out of park! Then when we got back to Texas, it started working again! Go figure!
I've done little of the scrapbooking I intended to finish this summer. But I do have some crop time planned. I've already attended some days of in-service and tomorrow is the official start of our school year. . . and so it begins!

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Jan said...

we've been having some summer like weather in Iowa. We did have very chilly temps last week and a FROST advisory! Looking forward to Autumn!