Monday, June 16, 2008

Thing #5 Flickr

I had looked at flickr before but had not spent any time with it. I found several photos that sparked ideas in me for "activities" in the library this year.

This picture had me thinking of making displays of kids caught reading around the school. I could make it a project of the library club and would give me an opportunity to teach students how to use flickr or other photo sharing sites as well.

The sculpture had me thinking of collaborating with the art teacher for art that reflects reading--not just "posters", but much more.

I experienced some difficulty uploading the images to blogger--kept getting error messages. I just kept at it and finally the images came through! I am having such fun. Of course, no housework is getting done and I have to prepare a Jeopardy game for the family reunion this weekend, but who needs sleep?


VWB said...

yes...sleep deprivation goes hand in hand with 2.0 exploration!

your family jeopardy game sounds fun!

sjsudduth said...

I just finished Thing #5, you are way ahead of me. Learned SO much today that we can use.