Monday, June 23, 2008

Thing #8: RSS feeds and Readers

Where am I? I have been here all morning searching and adding. I have had a great time. I found the intro video VERY helpful. Although I had a vague idea of what RSS feeds were, I had not been able to get my head around them until now. OMG! This will significantly reduce the amount of time I am taking to search through sites! I have added several blog sites to my Google Reader page and a few news services that will make life ever so much easier! I like having it all in one place!
Being able to keep track of current trends in professional circles will be invaluable. I have already created folders for both professioal and personal postings!
Libraries can set up RSS feeds to keep their patrons apprised of new items in the library and news events that are relevant to them. I can't wait to wow my teachers with the most up-to-date information on the curriculum!

Addendum: A note about flickr! I have created a group in flickr for my family to share photos, videos and family information. I have already had several replies and they are so excited about sharing!

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