Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thing #9 Useful library-Related Blogs & News Feeds

I have spent most of today exploring these links and searching for blogs. I fell repeatedly into the "trap" that ensnares researchers everywhere--TMI! There is so much out there, I found myself getting side-tracked by all the interesting posts on the blogs I was scanning. This was frustrating since I wanted to keep going following links! On the other hand, I found really cool stuff I had been wanting to find anyway!
Easiest: google blog search. I did like the way that Syndic8 listed the results. I believe the way you title your blog can really get you a lot of hits--I found myself drawn to those that were creatively titled!
I did not spend much time wiht Topix. Frankly, I just was not excited about news feeds today! But I did find it easy to use with listings in chronological order.
I had the most trouble with Suprglu. It was just confusing to me. I used Technorati to find a number of blogs on my hobby--scrapbooking.
I still have not quite figured out how to use the RSS feed link.
on my tool bar. Maybe someone could help me with that.
One method that I used to locate blogs, was to use the links to similar blogs that I found on many of the blog sites. I need to add a blog roll on my own blog here. I also want to add a page (or a different blog) on my hobby. I need to get faster at all of this, since once school starts again, I won't have all this extra time! C'est la biblioteque!

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