Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thing #10 Online Image Generator

Well, I took a week off to live my life (and do some serious scrapbooking! I have been using my Google Reader to to investigate some scrapbooking blogs of designers I admire.) I had a great deal of trouble with the Fake Magazine Cover--when the pop up came, it would say unable to display website. I've tried repeatedly a week or more apart and decided to pass on it. And now I cannot even find it to give you the link, so maybe they found the problem and are fixing it. I did create with comic strip generator a comic strip image which you can see on the side bar of my blog. And how do you like the "read" remix I did on Image Chef I am not a big fan of smiley faces so I gave Happy Face Gernerator little more than a cursory glance. Now Big Huge Labs I have already played with and have enjoyed it much. I want to play with it some more! My MacAfee site advisor did not like the Kid Friendly Image Generator. I also had a bit of concern with the ads on it, but I know the kids would love playing with these!
I am looking at making signs with comics to post the rules. Or to help advertise books or series for the students.


Nice Guy said...

McAffee site advisor is not that reliable, I can report any site myself and poof it will show as a warning (you can ruin a sites reputation quite fast with this useless tool). It's just a way for compitition sites to try to rid of the others.

myska said...

I have thought that might be the case! Just a little note, I cannot get your Fake Magazine cover or the sign generators to work! I have been exploring your stuff for a few weeks now, but once I try to upload my image, I get a new window stating it cannot display the page. Am I missing a step or

VWB said...

not sure what sites you are using...but the image gnerators that are included on the L2P blog should upload to your blog without issue...becausu of your security levels on your computer and/or the Mcaffee thing....do you possibly need to adjust your settings to allow for uploads?

have you tried to upload from a different computer..friend, neighbor, public library...that could possibly tell you if it is your computer?

myska said...

I have not tried from another computer,but I do not think it is the sites themselves but the particiular generator within that site. Because I can some but not others.