Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thing #21: Podcasts and Audio Books (yet another attempt!)

One more try!

I can hardly believe it! After over ten hours of work on this I finally am able to post this Photostory! I finally got hold of a friend who shared with me that Photostory saves a separate file in your "My Videos" folder and that is where you need to upload from! I have been so frustrated over this! I hope the rest of the group can get this done. I will try to visit the blogs of those who I see are having this same problem and give them this VITAL piece of information!


Lefty said...

Good job! I wish I had a partner in books to help with such wonderful ideas.

Wyomingnan said...

Please help if you can. I tried to post my In-Progress Photostory. I went to New Post and said Add Video. It downloads forever and then says ERROR from the Blogger. I DID find the Photostory in My Videos but it doesn't seem to want to upload into the blogger. I even tried a hosting site - Podbean that another person had mentioned and can't seem to get that to go either. Any suggestions?? I'm one day away from the deadline!!

myska said...

Look in your "my videos" folder and see if you have two files with the name you gave to your photostory. One should look like a "black rectangle" with the name of your photo story. This is the one you upload. Once it uploads, it may take some time for the site to process it. Good luck!